Internship Opportunities for German Student/Legal Clerks at MGCC

  • MGCC offers internships for German students and legal clerks.
  • Internship opportunities are given in the following departments: Corporate Services / Legal, Dual Vocational Training (DVT), Marketing and Communications / PR
  • The duration of an internship is at least four (4) months or minimum three (3) months for legal clerks.

Interns at MGCC are expected to possess a high interest in cultivating good contacts with international clients and companies, as well as providing support in daily business of MGCC. The responsibilities of an intern consist of establishing contacts for the clients, responding to inquiries, collecting data and reporting on information.

The training provided by MGCC gives interns the opportunity to work independently. Depending on the department, interns will be involved in commercial (general inquiries, maintaining contacts, address management) and consultation services (business partner search, market research, production site analysis, trade fair and event services, consultation on investments, visa application etc.), in addition to maintaining contacts with clients and taking part in the organization of events.

Trainees are expected to have good or excellent skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook. A knowledge in Adobe Acrobat Professional, Photoshop and Paint will be an advantage.

If the intern’s qualifications are deemed to be adequate, they will be entrusted with current projects under the supervision of an officer. During the duration of the internship at MGCC, interns will be given routine jobs such as database maintenance, filing tasks and other administrative works.

In short, the responsibilities of an intern are described as follows:

  • Keeping up with the news and relevant economic information around the world;
  • Initiating and cultivating contacts with German and Malaysian companies, as well as acquisition of sales representatives, members, clients, and joint venture partners;
  • Providing consultation on investment inquiries and circumstances of operating and setting up businesses in Malaysia;
  • Drafting of contracts, international sale of goods law, employment law, insolvency law, international civil law, immigration law, commercial law;
  • Connecting and liaising with Malaysian authorities and other relevant industrial associations;
  • Assisting in organizing and working with economic delegations;
  • Carrying out market studies and analyses in order to explore opportunities to intensify commercial relationships between Germany and Malaysia.

Proficiency in written and spoken English is a compulsory requirement for interns. The multicultural working environment at MGCC requires interns to be culturally sensitive and open-minded. Due to the restraints of work permits, interns are prohibited from engaging in additional part-time jobs. BA, MA or diploma theses can be integrated into the internship upon consultation.

Unfortunately, MGCC can neither pay any allowance during the duration of the internship due to regulations pertaining immigration nor reimburse any charges incurred when obtaining visa in Germany.

However, there are various organizations in Germany providing scholarships and funds for internships abroad. In order to obtain a scholarship, detailed information about the trainee’s field of duty are required. Unfortunately, the documents issued by the organizations/universities are mostly in German. English documents are mandatory in order to apply for the necessary work permit.

Regrettably, we cannot issue additional supporting documents. In order to secure an internship with MGCC, interns are required to provide the necessary information and documents. Invalid or insufficient documents will render any prior acceptance moot. Please arrange for the necessary documents as soon as your internship position has been approved by MGCC.


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Head of Corporate Services

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