AHK Qualification Workshop according to German Quality Standards

A crucial quality element for the success of the German Dual Vocational Training (GDVT) is the trainer qualification, for the heart of first-class vocational training are always the trainers. They have to be on solid footing professionally and be pedagogically skilled in order to inspire enthusiasm about a profession in young people and communicate its content professionally. In Germany, this is guaranteed by the Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude (AEVO) and the 80 Chambers of Commerce and Industry. MGCC’s Train-the-Trainer (in German “Ausbildung der Ausbilder – AdA”) is based on the AEVO and is therefore tailor-made for Dual Vocational Training.

The first AdA workshop was held at MGCC’s venue from 25.7.2016 – 30.7.2016. GDVT Trainers from HAUNI, Muehlbauer, IKA , Bosch Power Tools and Logwin attended the 5-days-training and completed the workshop with a written and oral examination on the 6th day.

Mr. Edwin Lemke, from Germany, conducted the training for the trainers. He is an experienced coach who has been training the trainers in the field of IT and Communication, Engineering and Construction, Training and Consulting, Food, Transport and Logistics, Politics, Automotive, and other industries.

The participants acquired the basic knowledge of the core areas of GDVT and the skills to design, prepare and conduct effective training sessions for their companies’ trainees. Among others, they gathered practical knowledge on instruction techniques and for handling difficult situations in the training place. 

All successful candidates received an AHK Certificate from MGCC.

Quotes on AdA Trainer by coaches

‘A very productive and knowledgeable workshop – I can incorporate those useful techniques in my daily work and also in my role as a DVT coach’  - June, from Hauni

'This is one of the best weeks of my life as I have enjoyed the training sessions and at the same time I have learnt a lot of useful techniques on how to be a coach'. - Ashraf, from Muehlbauer

‘Worth joining, Edwin was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed his training. I learnt valuable tips about training the learner in effective and positive way. I practice immediately after I back to office. Excellent!’ - Ho, from IKA