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46483 Wesel

Tel: +60 49 281 670 13001
Fax: +60 49 281 670 13040
E-mail: Markus.Giese(at)altana.com
Web Site: www.elantas.com

Chamber Representative(s):

Mr. Markus Giese - Vice President Finance, Purchasing, IT


Manufacturing of Liquid Electrical Insulation Chemicals

ELANTAS produces liquid insulating materials for the electrical and
electronics industry. It consists of three business lines. The business line
Primary Insulation (PI) manufactures enamels to insulate electrical wires.
The business line Secondary Insulation (SI) produces insulating varnishes
and resins for the impregnation of motors, transformers, and generators.
Finally, the business line Electric & Electronic Materials is specialized on
potting and casting resins as well as conformal coatings for printed circuit
boards (PCB).

Owing to consistent research and development, continual development
of insulating materials, and process improvement, ELANTAS has established
a leading international position for itself and is the world’s leading
manufacturer of wire enamels and impregnating resins. This makes
ELANTAS the preferred manufacturer for the electrical insulation industry
and the main supplier to large international customers.

ELANTAS GmbH is the holding company headquartered in Wesel, Germany.
The group consists of eight independent companies that operate a total
of 11 manufacturing sites in all major regions of the world. In 2013, ELANTAS
employed a total workforce of 956 people and achieved sales of EUR 415 million.

ELANTAS Malaysia Sdn Bhd
15, Jalan Pengacara U1/48
Temasya Industrial Park
40150 Shah Alam

Tel: +603-5569 8878
Fax: +603-5569 6577

Mr. Steven Huang
Manager Director

Mr. Sean McCabe
Technical Director