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The Chamber’s magazine MGCC Perspectives is a free bimonthly magazine published in Malaysia. The cover stories and business articles provide high-quality editorial coverage and deliver perennial in-depth information on industry, market insights, professional views, economic reports, the latest information about our members and social trends in the German and international business community.


MGCC Perspectives is being distributed to 420+ member companies of the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its partners. It is the ideal way to reach executives and senior decision-makers, along with business centres, airlines, restaurants and hotels, as well as other important stakeholders of the Malaysian-German business community.

Online Presence

The full version of the magazine can be read online and downloaded at our website


At a total circulation of its printed version of around 1,500 copies as well as the monthly 20,000 downloads of its online version, each issue reaches more than 22,000 readers. Perspectives is distributed by direct mail to our members, senior executives and decision makers across Malaysia and is available at MGCC’s conferences, seminars and at MGCC’s social events, at KLIA Golden Lounge and Thai Airways Executive Lounge.

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Current Issue

The global economy is being revolutionised by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Like it or not, Malaysia must train more skilled workers in order to remain competitive.

In this issue, we explore the raging debate on how to change the workforce, the impact of robots/automation vs. humans, as well as what new management skills are required to successfully lead the revolution.

MGCC Perspectives January/Feburary 2018

Is having a good business idea all you need to start a business in Malaysia? In this issue, we examine how successful startups create their markets and drive growth. Our focus is on the strategies used by entrants from Germany and Europe to set up their company bases in Malaysia.

As usual, the magazine offers plenty of interesting insights and opportunities for business. If you're an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming one, this issue would be really helpful.

MGCC Perspectives November/December 2017

In this issue, the cover story captures the pulse of how the internet is changing finance in Malaysia. It also captures the views of many of the key players building the Fintech ecosystem. The Fintech Boom story comes at a perfect time when incumbents, start-ups and investors are trying to grasp what this future holds, for the stakes of getting it right or wrong are truly enormous. Now you can read what decision-makers are saying based on the latest industry insights.

MGCC Perspectives September/October 2017

In this issue, the cover story takes a closer look at the rise of the Internet and how it has changed our economy for better or worse. We bring you the latest news from e-commerce and the digital economic policy initiatives. If you're looking to digitalise your business processes, here you can learn about the avenues that exist to propel you into the global playing field of tech-enabled market players.

MGCC Perspectives July/August 2017

In this issue, the cover story takes a closer look at Malaysia's furniture industry. Besides an overview of the industry, we have also interviewed a niche German furniture industry player in Malaysia - KARE Design.
Also not to be missed are the interviews of the two past MGCC Board of Directors that shared their view on the way of doing business in Malaysia, especially catered for readers who intend to start business in Malaysia.

MGCC Perspectives May/June 2017

What does the future hold for foreign trade relations? The status quo has been rattled through recent economic and political developments in the US as well as Europe. It is of course still speculative which scenario that is currently in discussion will eventually take shape. What are the opportunities coming out of these scenarios and who are the big beneficiaries?
It is also our pleasure to be able to conduct an interview with Tony Fernandes, CEO of AirAsia Berhad to share his success story in the "MGCC in Dialogue" section.

MGCC Perspectives March/April 2017

Do you know that Cyberjaya is on its transformation journey to become a Global Technology Hub? The latest issue of MGCC Perspectives takes a closer look at Malaysia's first cyber city, including current initiatives, future aspirations as well as comments from MGCC member companies operating out of this 'smart city'.


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