Residence and Working Permit

This service is designed for foreigners wishing to live and work in Malaysia.

Our Corporate Services Department offers distinguished experience in supporting companies and expatriates, as well as their families, to process all types of Work and Residence Permits in Malaysia.

Our service includes the advice on application procedure and requirements; the preparation of paperwork, including translations of required documents; submission of the application; personal assistance and guidance at the Immigration Department as well as dispatch service.

The Corporate Services Department will guide you through the entire process until your permit has been approved and the endorsement has been issued in your passport.

Short term visa in Malaysia

German nationals will obtain a visa on arrival for tourism or business purposes (such as attending meetings, conferences, seminars etc.) for a period of up to 90 days. Nationalities who require a visa prior entering Malaysia, have to apply for a Short Term Social Visit Pass at the respective Malaysian embassy. Such a pass is issued for the purpose of tourism, business meetings, seminar attendance or sport competitions. Any form of employment in Malaysia is strictly prohibited under a visa on arrival or Short Term Social Visit.

Any form of employment including voluntary work, internships (even non-paid), work in a hotel/resort, repairing/maintaining of machinery, installation, giving training, consultation in Malaysia, giving seminars and lectures in a Malaysian university, and performing as an artist, requires a valid work permit even if the applicant is getting paid by a company in another country.  Therefore, the same applies to any service technician and engineer who only enters Malaysia in order to repair or maintain engines and stays in the country for a limited period only.

For periods up to maximum of 12 months, the inviting party (sponsor/company/university) in Malaysia has to apply for a Professional Visit Pass (PVP) with ESD (Expatriate Service Division, Immigration Department). A Professional Visit Pass is a temporary work permit that enables a foreign knowledge worker (with acceptable professional qualifications or expert knowledge) to enter Malaysia for business and professional visits and provide services or undergo practical training with a Malaysian company on behalf of an overseas company on a temporary basis. The foreign worker is only allowed to work with the company stated in the pass. Minimum duration of a PVP is one month.

After a successful application, the Immigration Department will issue an approval and visa with reference letter. Upon receiving the approval from the Immigration Department, the respective embassy or consulate will issue an appropriate Single Entry Visa which enables the applicant to enter Malaysia for said purpose. Obtaining a Single Entry Visa is mandatory as it is forbidden to enter the country with a tourist visa.

Requirements to obtain a PVP

  • Contract with a company that has been registered with ESD (Expatriate Service Division) and
  • The foreign worker comes under the following categories of work:
    - Category 1: Expertise transfer / Training / Consultant
    - Category 2: Research
    - Category 3: Internship (has to be relevant for education of applicant)

AHK Malaysia can assist you with all matters regarding visa, work permits and their application in Malaysia.

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Disclaimer of liability: This information is intended to provide a general overview on short term visa in Malaysia. No responsibility for loss to any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of any information in this overview can be accepted by Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.




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