ASEAN Insights 2017: Business Opportunities in Southeast Asia

28.03.2017 | 09:00
- 17:00
Industrie- und Handelskammer Region Stuttgart, Jägerstraße 30, 70147 Stuttgart.

The IHKs in Baden-Württemberg and all AHKs in the ASEAN region would like to invite your company/representative to the following event:

ASEAN Insights 2017
Business Opportunities in Southeast Asia
28 March 2017
09:00 – 17:00

Please refer to the attached flyers for further details of this event.

By participating in this event, you will receive first-hand information regarding the current economic and political development in the region as well as business opportunities for German companies. Individual consultation on market entry is also available with the AHK representative from the following countries: Malaysia/Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand (Laos/Cambodia) and Vietnam.

For questions about the program, please send your email to Ms. Sonja Bachofer at sonja.bachofer(at)

For registration, please submit by 17 March 2017 to:

IHK Region Stuttgart
Tel: 0711 2005-1306
Fax: 0711 2005-1383
Email: zvm-online(at)