MGCC Perspectives

MGCC Perspectives is the member and business magazine of the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The bilingual magazine is published six times a year as a print and online edition.

The cover stories and business articles provide high-quality editorial coverage and provide in-depth information about industry, market insights, economic reports, commentaries as well as up-to-date information about our members and social trends in the German-Malaysian context.

MGCC Perspectives July/August 2018

Malaysia's fresh durian exports have grown rapidly over the years. This pungent fruit is now a hot commodity. Find out how durian is conquering the global market.

Pages: 64 | Language: English

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MGCC Perspectives May/June 2018

This month's issue is inspired by the fast-rising popularity of Germany's football league, the Bundesliga, and the mounting frenzy of the 2018 World Cup season.

Without a doubt, there is no shortage of football fans in Asia, many of whom religiously follow their favourite teams over the course of a season. We ask: how are German football and the Bundesliga perceived in Asia? Read on to find out what the Malaysian and German football clubs say, and how this beautiful game has become big business and big money in the region.

Pages: 68 | Language: English

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MGCC Perspectives March/April 2018

The world economy is facing the fourth industrial revolution. Whether Malaysia likes it or not, more professionals need to be trained in order for the economy to stay competitive. This issue describes the  implementation of German Dual Vocational training in the country, and the measures taken to successfully overcome misconceptions about TVET among young Malaysians.

Pages: 68 | Language: English

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