Industry 4.0 Innovation Day at Wuerth

“Industry 4.0 Innovation Day” is an event dedicated to enhancing customer experience through the power of innovations and commitment. Held by Wuerth Industrial Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd, topics cover Wuerth products, system and digital solutions.

On 12 July 2018, Wuerth Industrial Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd held their very first Customer Day at their Subang office, taking place after two years of its grand opening in 2016.

Entitled “Industry 4.0 Innovation Day”, the event was dedicated to enhancing Customer Experience through the power of innovations and commitment. Topics covered Wuerth product, system and digital solution.

A total of 67 registrations from 28 companies were received. Customers from Vietnam and also the Northern region came all the way to attend this event.

Marcus Schmidt, CEO of Wuerth Line Malaysia extended a very warm welcome to all attending and followed with a briefing of the program. Participants were divided into four groups, attending the four stations: “Office Tour”, “ORSY®mat”, “RFID Kanban” and “E-Business” where taking place at our ground floor warehouse area.

By going through four dedicated stations, customers were able to gain a unique insight into what Wuerth does and how they do it. Every station had 30 minutes to present and showcase the innovation systems to the floor. The objective for the 4 stations is to create a better understanding and instantly shape the customer impression about Industry 4.0 solutions. Seeing is believing.

As token of appreciation, an award ceremony was held for the Wuerth business partners. A total of eight companies received trophies and certificates. Hauni Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Vostermans Ventilation Sdn Bhd shared their collaboration experience with Wuerth in C-Parts Management. Guests had a wonderful time by sharing business thoughts, ideas and networking.

The Customer Day with the Fastener Academy continued in the afternoon section. Participants learnt about common fastener characteristics, mechanical properties, manufacturing processes, industry standards, and much more. The CADENAS platform was also introduced, along with value-added service like technical cleanliness services to all the participants. Aside from the Fastener Academy, the training programme was optimised with some chemical technical product demo as well as laboratory inspections.

All the guests actively participated in the training. The response was overwhelming. The Customer Day ended with special certificates for all the participants.