Members4Members Programme

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A program for members to offer other members their services and products at special discounts. Both the member companies and their employees can benefit from the services and offers.


BMW Group Malaysia

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Members of MGCC are entitled to personalised BMW Group Privileges.

Corporate purchase incentives, tailored financing and mobility solution for BMW & MINI models.

Together with 5 years unlimited mileage warranty + free scheduled service and complimentary 24 months BMW tyre warranty on all BMW approved star-marked tyres. Email for more info.

Legal and Corporate Services

Luther Corporate Services

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Drafting of key company policies, including:
• employee handbooks;
• travel expenses policies;
• health benefit policies;
• internal and external data protection policies;
and others.

30% reduction on hourly rates for first drafts.

Clear and comprehensive company policies are crucial for regulatory compliance.

We offer the drafting of policies tailored to the specific needs of businesses and the requirements of Malaysian regulations.

Professional Training

Emerald Cube Sdn Bhd

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Professional trainings by certified and highly qualified local and foreign trainers. Quality control by a German director. 

10% discount on all training/coaching and priority booking, even on short notice.

We have over 100 trainings and focus on soft skills. Coaching for top management is also available.