Accounting Services

We offer effective accounting and tax solutions that allow you to fully focus on the smooth day-to-day running of your business.

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In matters of ​​financial accounting and tax, our professional and experienced team can help you with comprehensive accounting solutions for your Malaysian permanent establishment / subsidiary. Our team is staffed by German as well as local specialists, which means that you always have a German-speaking contact person at your disposal and smooth contact with local authorities and institutions. When it comes to tax issues, we work with experienced and proven Malaysian tax consultants, as needed.

Our Services in Detail

Financial Accounting

• Monthly reporting for:

  • Account Statements
  • Totals and Balances Lists
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Voting Accounts
  • Cash Book Management
  • General Ledger Overview

• Monthly reporting in German

• Preparatory activities for the annual accounts (preparation of the closing balance sheet and income statement)

• Billing and banking services:

  • Recording billing and payment transactions
  • Preparation and presentation of invoices
  • Individual payment and transfer transactions

Salary Statement

1. Set up and maintenance of the billing system

  • Recording the billing data in the system
  • Correspondence for coordination of data with the German parent company
  • Registration of the company (employee and employer) with the appropriate Malaysian authorities

2. Monthly payroll

  • Coordinate the monthly payroll
  • Collaboration with the bank regarding salary payments
  • Calculation and timely payment of Malaysian pensions (Employees' Provident Fund) and income taxes

We offer you the services listed above for a monthly package price, which we will gladly provide on request.

Annual Tax Declaration for Employees

We take over the preparation of the annual tax return for your employees and ensure the timely submission of documents to the appropriate authority. For the preparation of the annual tax return we charge EUR 200 per employee.

Annual Tax Declaration for an Establishment / Subsidiary

The annual tax return for the permanent establishment / subsidiary is drawn up by a recognised tax consulting firm. The fee for preparing the tax return depends on the size of the establishment / subsidiary and will be communicated to you on request.

Clarification of Tax Issues

In the clarification of tax issues, such as withholding tax, we are happy to assist you. For complex tax issues, we work with a recognised Malaysian tax consulting firm. Charges for the clarification of tax questions is EUR 65 per hour. If a tax consultancy is involved, other hourly rates will apply. The hourly rates are based on the complexity of the facts and will be communicated to you on request. On request, the billing is done in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note that additional costs will be charged separately.