Jun 26

Intercultural Training for Expats (1-day)

The Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established a well-received intercultural workshop, which offers an excellent market introduction for European business people and entrepreneurs planning to enter the market in Malaysia or South-East Asia (SEA), for those who are being transferred to SEA, or who are searching for distributors and/or are in negotiations with business partners and counterparts in this region.

Furthermore, the workshop is also suitable for expatriates who have recently started work or workings assignments in Malaysia or the region.


The markets of South-East Asia have become targets for many companies due to their enormous potential for growth. Despite worldwide attraction, its various cultural diversities in comparison to Europe have posed as challenges for market entry.

In order to be successful in the South-East Asian market, one must not only possess leadership qualities and sales skills, but more importantly, intercultural competence to interact with the various ethnic groups appropriately and understanding of their working culture. It is essential especially for those in positions of leadership to be aware of the differences in behaviour and their way of thinking.


In this workshop we offer relevant and necessary practical advice drawn from the vast experiences of  trainer Thomas Brandt in many industry and business-related fields, e.g. mediation of distribution partners and joint-venture partners, participation in exhibitions and the establishment of companies.

You will be made aware of intercultural skills that are important for your business and how to correctly interpret behavioural styles and etiquettes in Asian cultures. Additionally you will learn how to familiarise yourself with the mannerisms of Asian employees and acquainttances, and how to handle them.




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