German Business Council is Turning 25!

  • (clockwise from far left) Berthold Jungwirth, Dato’ Herbert Weiler, Fabian Knauthe, Klaus Richter, Falk Müller, Dato’ Peter Halm, Peter Berberich, Peter Birkner, Ronald Schierer, Christoph Volle, Martin Weiss, Bernd Kirchhöfer, Andreas Foerster, Dr Siegfried Skirl, Paul Morach, Ino Quass.

On 28 January, 2019, the German Business Council (GBC) proudly held their 250th meeting. The sestercentennial event precedes the official 25th anniversary date of the GBC, which will occur at the end of this year. 

The meeting was hosted in Penang by Martin Weiss of Malaysian European Production System Sdn Bhd. The founder of the GBC, Dato’ Herbert Weiler, was on hand to grace with occasion with his presence. Attendees include 15 German-speaking business managers of related MNCs and SMCs.

As a peer-to-peer platform, the GBC completes the triangular link with the AHK Malaysia (MGCC) and the German Embassy. The GBC first convened on 23 November 1994. Since then, it has proven to be an effective platform to communicate important matters among German investors as well as with Malaysian, and even Asean, authorities.

Throughout the years, several economic delegations from Germany also enjoyed the experience exchange with the GBC. According to Weise: “We look forward to the next 250 meetings and as well to our 25th anniversary this November, 2019.”